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Big Man Bakes

Last week sometime, my dad and I decided to drive up to Pasadena to visit Le Cordon Bleu. The school is so amazingly beautiful, and it takes up about two blocks.

I think the part I am most excited about is something somewhat new to the school. It is an add-on, a restaurant called “Technique” that is open to the public, but fully run by students. Because of the program I’ll be doing, I’ll be baking some of the pastries to sell in the restaurant! It’ll be a good transition step between schooling and getting hired as a pastry chef.

Look at how amazing the architecture is. And the building is so huge. I love it.

After our tour of the school, and the official filling-out of the application, we grabbed lunch at Nordstrom Cafe, one of my favorite places to eat, and quite honestly where most of my money goes. They have some amazing food. (The 20% discount I get isn’t bad either!)

When we were done eating and checking out the area, I begged my dad to take me to Big Man Bakes down in L.A. Even though it was rush hour, he agreed to fight L.A. traffic just so I would be happy. (Thanks, Dad!)

Plus, I’m pretty sure he really wanted some cupcakes. Just sayin’.

They were pretty good. Not as good as Sprinkles, I have to admit. But they were still really moist, flavorful cupcakes, and I love the owner. I have a love for people who have a career that you would never expect when you look at them.

PS. My favorite was the Banana Nut Cupcake with the Ghiradelli Chocolate Frosting.


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